Artistic Creations 
& Genius Loci

Genius loci

In addition to our work as color consultants for architecture and specialists in city and heritage identities and urban cultures, we created a collective of artists with which we develop personal and creative projects.

The Genius loci concept was born of our desire to share our passion for color in works of art and design. Vanessa Lehner, Xavière Ollier, Soizic Boucault, Hélène Landrin and Lina Perdomo run this project founded on the spirit of places.

We draw colors from city streets, materials and inspiring fiction. We collect odds and ends, materials, colors, architectural forms, inhabiting emotions. Then, step by step, in our workshop, we create a new world, patterns appear, the town’s story is written in color.

Our creative concept, Genius loci, is now happening at our workshop. We design patterns, color collections, inspired by places we have been and studied.

Génie du lieu_Nacarat Color Design