Conferences & Exhibitions


Xavière Ollier, PhD in Applied Arts and Vanessa Lehner, doctoral candidate, have been speaking at international conferences since 2005. Nacarat also makes posters that summarize our research projects to be presented at various conferences.

  • Color the Life webinar on the theme of color and health, Vanessa Lehner’s speech on the question: “How can we acclimate hospitals to use of color?”, 16 March 2021 – Replay here.
  • International conference of the Color Society of Russia in December 2020, Xavière Ollier’s speech: “The role of the color training in industry” – Replay here at 6:00:40.
  • Conference “Cities of color: urban polychromy and histories of dyeing” at Hôtel d’Assézat in Toulouse, speech by Vanessa Lehner, 17 May 2019
  • Conferences during the Symposiums on Color and Architecture in Naples in 2017 / Krakow and Genoa in 2016 / Milan in 2015 / Florence and Barcelona in 2013 / Bologna and Strasbourg in 2012 / Zurich in 2011 / Venice in 2010
  • Coastline+ Land of Invention and Grand Ambition Seminar in Gruissan 2017
  • Conference on erasure in Toulouse in 2017
  • Black Poetry in Color and Design Symposium in Toulouse in 2017
  • Nocturnal Beasts in Science and the Arts Conference in Toulouse in 2017
  • Scenography and Conference at the Color Expo in Nîmes in 2016
  • Color Brands and Signature Conference – K does Com in Toulouse in 2016
  • International Congress of the Rose in Lyon in 2015
  • Colors Trends & Packaging Conference at Pack & Gift in 2014
  • Color, Trends & Strategies for ANTIC in Biarritz in 2013
  • INSTALLUX Colors Materials and Finishes Conference in 2011
  • Color & Visual Comfort Conference SNCF R&D in 2011
  • Colors, Materials & Finishes, trends in architecture Conference INTERPON POWDER COATINGS in 2010
  • Stand at the Lifestyle Show in Lille in 2010
  • Color Trends & Architecture Conference in Batimat in 2009
  • EUROCOAT Conference in Lyon in 2008
  • International Association of Color Conference in Stockholm in 2008
  • Color and Time Symposium at the National Heritage Institute, Heritage Objects, Networking Chromatic Spaces in the City in Paris in 2006
  • IRIS, Essence and Meaning of Colors Symposium in Nancy in 2005
  • AIC Symposium, Color in Architecture: Chromatic Methods, Color, Material of Urban Poetry – Structuring Urban Spaces in Grenada, Spain in 2005


Nacarat designs scenography for various exhibitions and has presented artistic creations in unique spaces.