The agency where color is Queen!

Color and materials are inseparable tools for creation, as they provoke a plurality of responses. Color affects volume and influences our perception, evokes style and tells a story. It creates unity or enhances singularity. Rich and complex, it is at the heart of our creative practice. Since 2005, we have been deciphering trends, designing color lines and finishes for various products and enhancing lifestyle at many locations.

Our expertise

Color for Architecture & Landscaping

Color and materials affect volume, influence our perception, evoke style, create ambiance, express the spirit of a place and its identity and contribute to urban esthetic quality. Nacarat creates material and color charters to best meet these challenges.

Color & Industry

Color and finishes play an essential role in positioning your products and making them stand out. We build a pertinent, forward-looking color strategy with you to express style and trends. We create new color collections and design educational marketing tools.

Global Color & Design

Color creates meaning and evokes emotion. We design shapes and colors in an interdependent, give-and-take relationship. Our expertise combines graphic design and space for your brand identity. We adapt this identity to communication media and places of work, client reception or life.

Color Courses & Workshops

Color plays an important role in practical applications for architecture. It has the potential to provide esthetics and identity, create meaning and bring elements together. It also plays a key role in design and creation. We offer courses where you can learn all the potential that color has to offer for your projects.

Artistic Creations 
& Genius Loci

The artistic practice of Nacarat's color consultants is based on genius loci. We inaugurated our first of two winning projects out of 720 submissions for Beautifying Paris in Paris 14th and we continue to develop our artistic practice with other projects.

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