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16 July 2021

BerryAlloc stand at the International Wood Construction Forum by NACARAT Color Design

We are happy to have accompanied BerryAlloc in the composition of their stand for the 10th International Wood Construction Forum  which will be held in Paris at the Grand Palais Ephémère from July 15 to 17, 2021.

This panoramic work is a tribute to Anni Albers, great lady of the decorative arts, precursor of our modern design, who had made weaving, a domain assigned to women even at the Bauhaus school, the fabric of her artistic independence.
Here, the textile thread becomes the grain of the wood, its grain and its knots traced by the sap as the tree grows. A weaving of wood.

The varnished parquet boards become a weft by contrasting clarity and welcome colors as the wood transforms into another shade. Sometimes the flat colors resonate in the continuity of the background, sometimes they play in complementary contrast. Each wood has its nuance and its perfect harmony.
Like a score, the structure organizes a visual game that forms a body through harmony. The ensemble vibration acquires the status of a visual melody.

BerryAlloc cultivates the art of living through the beautiful material and the delicate nuances of its floors. Today, the brand is launching an aesthetic revolution in the art of combining wood, colors and styles in interior design.
This composition is the first manifestation of it.

See you soon for news about our BerryAlloc – NACARAT Color Design collaboration!

Design: NACARAT Color Design
Realization: BerryAlloc carpentry workshop