City of Toulouse
The colorful city of Toulouse has become known for its emblematic pink buildings. A fascinating alchemy of colors and materials, this pink carries with it hints of the ancestral terra cotta, a diversity of building techniques and the richness of thousands of years of architectural heritage. The city’s color palette is far from monochromatic, however. It is rich and varied. It continues to evolve as old buildings are restored and new ones are built, mixing traditional materials with contemporary ones, each an emblem of its time. The city of Toulouse wanted to highlight this diversity and maintain its living memory for many years to come. The city asked Nacarat to create new tools to celebrate the architecture of yesterday and today.
Construction year: 2015

The new color palette is designed for everyone involved in renovation and construction: builders, architects, designers, property owners, condo associations, merchants. etc. It includes seven guides that refer to architectural characteristics from the city’s major eras of construction. Each facade is unique, so each guide specifies the characteristic traits for a facade, provides recommendations by period and explains how to use materials and associate colors to preserve and enhance the architecture and integrate it into the surrounding environment as well as possible.

Nacarat Color Design’s jobs:

  • Preliminary diagnostic and new color palette design by building type.
  • Creation of a set of tools that can be used by urban planners, professionals and residents.
  • Graphic design of guides, fan color charts and educational panels for the SDAP.
  • Training of instructors at the urban planning department.

Link to the Color and material guides for facades of the city of Toulouse.