Creation of Lines

Audit of your existing colors // reclassification // optimization // creation of color and finish lines // marketing materials

When designing color lines, creatives look for inspiration in images, lights, materials, travel and encounters. These tools help with creating and composing complementary pairs. They serve as a reference for formalizing the project. This why rich and powerful tools that portray the color accurately will help you make your choices.

Example: Line Creation for Myral

Myral, manufacturer of external thermal insulation for facades – The Timeless Collection It was strategic for Myral, which manufactures all of its products in France, to associate their environmentally-friendly and high-tech product with an appropriate color collection. For Nacarat, the most important issue, more than redesigning the color line, was to completely rethink the offer and product marketing using a long-lasting color concept with great potential to give the company’s environmental ambitions a quality esthetic, making this finish a go-to for modern facades.

Today, this combination of insulation and lacquered aluminum better serves the many expressions of architecture, preserving local identities in cities, villages and nature with the strength of color.

Our jobs:

  • Update the color line: select 24 regional colors, divided into large families, draw up a new marketing concept
  • Create a brochure and box to help consultants present the collection, design the tools and graphic model, research images and writing
  • Collection launch events: scenography – layout – Graphic design of the Architect@work corner
  • Running the launch party