Trend Study

Market analysis // Sector or theme focus // Workshop

Trends, and the values and lifestyles that they convey, are a complex societal phenomenon. The iceberg image explains the situation well: visible section, underlying and surface section, submerged section. Each layer has its own vocabulary: classic and daily life for the visible, new developments for the underlying, and avant-garde for the submerged. Trends generate these three types of responses. Avant-garde colors are so new they do not yet have names. They are so innovative that they do not immediately integrate into the collective unconscious, which is both a strength and weakness. The strength is that they speak to exceptional and experimental experiences. The weakness is that they stay on the margins, within an elite circle or fringe group and not in mass consumption. Most companies want to see an avant-garde color become a classic.

Taking risks is essential. So you need to trust the creative instinct, the person’s intuition and their ability to capture the future in their work. The avant-garde is the place to test these trends. You have to experiment in order to carry your creation forward. Color is an excellent vector for trends. Manufacturers and industry are on the lookout to stay up to date. The color consultant works with you to express style and trends in your offers. They create a forward-looking and appropriate color strategy with you.

Design of a new, creative and innovative collection to reveal the esthetic potential of STO products

STO hired NACARAT to design an innovative collection that gives architects and designers unlimited creative potential in STO finishes for facades.

Nacarat identified 3 major trends for the new STO Design Collection:


The material is a landscape. The material can elicit daydreams of far-off places and journeys. With its grain, creases, movement, colors and reflections, the material transports us from one world to the next. And the horizon unfolds before our eyes, from the north pole to the south. The Earth’s immensity is breathtaking: peaceful shores, untouched continents, icy landscapes, hilly meadows or fertile fields… the sap on trees, the sediment of rocks and sand, dispersed by gusts of wind, nourish us and cultivate art. Wide Angle is an homage to utopian, generous landscapes, real and imagined, for all of us who love the wide world.


The material is a skill. Woven, pleated, quilted, satin-finished… some fabrics are perfect for playing with light and subtle shadows and shaping surfaces. A tribute to a timeless and modern style, augmented to the extreme, each piece is chosen for its uniqueness: the folds move, the crepe is metallic, the crimson shimmers, the gold is lamé. These materials organize volumes and space into poetic lines and moire. Rigorous and agile, facades are ornate sculptures that rise to the sky, almost holy in their timelessness.


The material is creative. The polaroid eye takes flash pictures of iconic experiences to be revisited later. It recreates nocturnal cities where magnetic and ultrasonic blues alternate with chrome waves. The material is a magma composite that emits fire and flow, red-hot energy, granite oxide and carbon lava. Both primitive and high-tech, the material brings the immobile to life, breaks line and plane with elastic momentum.