Eau du Grand Lyon
As part of the project to install a new 188 m2 reception area near the Part Dieu train station in Lyon, Eau du Grand Lyon wishes to become a showcase fully integrating the concept of Caring Relation both at the level of arrangement of the different spaces as the way of welcoming people. In order to imagine this space and design its planning principles, Eau du Grand Lyon relied on the expertise, skills and experience of Nacarat.
Customer: Eau du Grand Lyon
Construction year: 2019-2020

Our missions:

  • Study of the existing situation, expectations and constraints, taking into account the first development ideas proposed by the Eau du Grand Lyon teams for the future and enrichment space.
  • Customer journey proposals (2 to 3 journeys). They offer different articulations of the functions of the space: reception, waiting, pedagogy / showroom, digital, advice, office, co-working, conviviality …
  • Suggestions for atmospheres and choice of floor, wall and ceiling coverings, if applicable, and associated colors and finishes.
    Focus on furnishing solutions relating to security and confidentiality.
  • Preparation and facilitation of a 4-hour co-construction workshop allowing the necessary arbitrations to be made in situ regarding the choice of the customer journey, the atmosphere, security and confidentiality.

Following the co-construction workshop:

  • Final design of the development scenario to serve the concept of caring relationship.
  • Prescriptions for the choice of furniture.
  • Prescription for facade animation (sign, markings, symbols and other communication elements).
  • Study and recommendations regarding print and digital communication media to be implemented.
  • Prescription for lighting.
  • Synthesis and development of the detailed preliminary project on the basis of the choices made during the workshop (3D plans and simulations).