Veolia Eau
Nacarat was selected by Véolia Eau to create the design charter for its 256 reception areas. The concept evokes a caring relationship, which is at the heart of Véolia’s service.
Service: Space design
Customer: Veolia Eau
Construction year: Since 2020
  • visiting pilot sites throughout France
  • conducting interviews with partners
  • preparing and leading 3 co-construction workshops to handle all issues related to managing reception areas and maintaining an attentive relationship with the client
  • design concept proposal: layout of reception areas, client advisor offices, children’s areas. Design of some furniture, recommendations for colors and materials, signs, creation of a “little museum” in the space, etc.
  • trials at a selection of pilot sites
  • design charter for reception areas
  • case-by-case support: drafting, detailed pre-project, company consultations, 3D renderings
  • supplement for COVID sanitary measures.